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CRO, Inc. - Name Plate
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Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc. (CRO) operates more than 91
full-service and 24 franchise restaurants located in 13 U.S. states,
the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. CRO employs
approximately 5,500 full and part-time employees. CRO has been named the
70th largest private company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (home to more than
25 "Fortune 500" companies and 6.4 million residents). Our brands include
Cantina Laredo, III Forks Steakhouse, Cool River Cafe, Silver Fox Steakhouse,
El Chico, Good Eats and Luckys Café. We serve more than 14 million meals
annually! Looking to the future, CRO's goal is to continue growing at the fastest
pace possible without ever compromising our guests' satisfaction.
Cantina Laredo Chicago Dining Cantina Laredo Chicago Down Bar Cantina Laredo Chicago Exterior Cantina Laredo Chicago Stairs Cantina Laredo Denver Bar Cantina Laredo Denver Dining Cantina Laredo Indoor Patio Cantina Laredo Omaha Bar Cantina Laredo Omaha Dining Cantina Laredo Omaha Exterior Cantina Laredo Omaha Patio Cantina Laredo Omaha Private Cantina Laredo Syracuse Entry Cantina Laredo Syracuse Exterior Cantina Laredo Syracuse Main Cantina Laredo Syracuse Waiting Cantina Laredo Syracuse Waiting III Forks Chicago Bar III Forks Chicago Dining III Forks Chicago Exterior III Forks Chicago Rooftop III Forks Chicago Bar III Foks Houston Dining III Forks Houston Dining III Forks Houston Exterior III Forks Jacksonville Florida Dining III Forks Jacksonville Florida Exterior III Forks Jacksonville Florida Patio III Forks Jacksonville Florida Patio III Forks Jacksonville Florida Wine Black Oak Grill Branson Dining Black Oak Grill Branson Dining Bar Black Oak Grill Branson Exterior
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